A Personal Trainer wherever suits you

Why get a Personal Trainer?

Clients use my PT services for a variety of reasons. I’ve listed a few to give you an idea of how you might expect to benefit:


When I start with a client I discuss goals and targets so I can make sure they make steady progress towards those goals in the right way. Too often people in the gym go and do the same workout week after week and wonder why they never get any results. With over 15 years’ experience I can make sure I push you and progress you to achieve what you want.


The key to an effective fitness programme is staying motivated and being consistent. I will make sure your motivation levels stay high by getting you results, by giving you workouts that you enjoy, and are varied, and by being there for you to make sure you are working at he level you want and need.


There are lots of ways to work out, but you need a professional at your side to make sure you’re performing an exercise in the right way, safely so that you’re not going to hurt yourself. My job is to assess and correct your form to make sure you stay injury free and get the most out of each set and rep that you do in the gym.

Intro Offers

Free Consultation

Free one hour face to face  consultation

Intro PT offer

2 Free PT sessions intro offer for 2019

PT at Gym

4 PT sessions. Unlimited Metaphysical gym access for a month £150

PT at the gym

Working out in a gym environment can be very rewarding, with a large amount of equipment able to provide a good variety of exercise options. I work out of the Metaphysical gym at the Henley Management College situated in a lovely spot on the river between Henley and Marlow. You don’t need to join the gym when you’re working out with me.

PT at home

A lot of clients don’t want to travel to a gym, maybe because it’s not convenient, maybe because they prefer to work out in private. I can come to your home and work out with you there. I’ll bring along all the equipment you need for an effective and fun workout.

PT Online

Some clients are looking for online support either to augment one to one sessions or as a stand-alone solution to their fitness needs. I can provide workouts and videos to allow you to work out when time allows at home or on the road.


I can come to you in your home, bringing enough equipment to make sure you have a great workout every time. All we will need is some space, or the garden.

Marlow • Henley • Leatherhead

Personal training at Metaphysical Gym

Henley Business School, Marlow Road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 3AU

I can train you in a quiet, fully equipped gym mid-way between Marlow and Henley at the management college. It has everything you’ll need and the bonus of a fabulous location on the edge of the river. We can even go down to the water’s edge on a nice day and train by the river.

Get In Touch

Give me a call on 07736 236102 or email me at olly@olivergreenpt.co.uk